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Fulian Molding Materials Industry Co., LTD, as the national high tech enterprise, is the largest manufacturer of foundry resins and casting materials in south of China and one of the first corporations enter furan resin industry. We have been exporting chemical raw materials, molding materials for sand casting since 1994. Two plants of casting resins in located in Zhuhai City. One new plant of resin coated sand is under construction in Yangjiang City. Our main products are self-hardening/no-bake furan resin, hot box resin, phenolic resin (alkaline phenol formaldehyde resin, foam phenolic resin), cold box resins, curing agent, cast coating and other flux for sand casting (die releasing agent, sand core binder, parting agent, graphene, etc.), which are used for molding and core/shell making to improve process performance and onto sand moulds to improve the surface finish of the final casting. The production has been w...More>>



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